Economic Offence Wing Cell

Jalandhar is one of the north India’s biggest business-com-industrial center and has become the hub of huge commercial activities. A large number of Banks, corporate, private companies and financial institutions are currently working here. Large economic activities and rising land prices have given rise to a number of economic crimes.

The EOW cell of Jalandhar Rural Police is located at Police Div No. 2 is working under the supervision of SP Detective. An Inspector rank officer is the Incharge of EOW cell. A complaint regarding any economic crime can be filed at the SSP office Jalandhar Rural Police or the EOW cell. A complaint can be filed online by the logging on the Online Complaint Page.

Jalandhar district is having one of the largest populations of Non Resident Indians. So also the aspirants of foreign lands for better economic avenues. Craze for foreign land have given rise to members of economic crimes regarding illegal migration.