Anti-Human Trafficking Cell

A.H.T.C was established on 17 Sep 2010 primarily to curb illegal immigration and other illegal aspects of human trafficking. It primarily deals with false and fraudulent practices adopted by travel agents to send persons abroad. The A.H.T.C was established to curb the menace of illegal migration and human trafficking that was quite rampant in Doaba area of Punjab and particularly Jalandhar district. The A.H.T.C redresses the complaints of persons, duped b false travel agents. Besides A.H.T.C. also collects data from various aspects of trafficking in the district e.g. trafficking in child labor, bonded labor and immoral trafficking. A complaint can be filed at SSP office Jalandhar or A.H.T.C. located at Police Station Div. No. 2, Near Patel Chowk, Jalandhar.