SSP's Message

It is my great privilege to head Jalandhar Police(Rural), one of the finest police forces in Punjab. The objective of Jalandhar Rural Police is to uphold law and protect people with courage, uprightness, dedication and a strong sense of service, with an eye on community policing and human rights

Jalandhar has a large number of NRIs. Sometimes NRIs feel great difficulty in contacting laws enforcement authorities. Through this website we will try to provide them timely police assistance.

Welfare of the police personnel will also be area of thrust. I would like my force to be healthy and happy so that their productivity is high and their behavior with citizens impeccable.

It is my appeal to all the residents of Jalandhar Rural to co-operate and support the Police force so that better services can be provided to them.

Sh. Navjot Singh Mahal, PPS
Sr. Supdtt. of Police